I have been using watercolor paints for many years. During the summers of 1986 and 1987, I taught marine science classes for young children. I was so inspired by the colorful illustrations the students were able to create with simple watercolor kits, that I decided to pursue watercolors myself. My original goal was to paint local undersea life to bring it alive for those who didn't have the opportunity to see it first hand. Many years later and I haven't gotten to the undersea life - yet! I have focused on other natural settings and things associated with them.

spruce tree, rocky coast, Maine, ruddy turnstone

Ruddy Turnstone

Framed Watercolor  14x20"


ski trail, cross contry skiing, trees, snow, northern

Ski Trail

Framed Watercolor  11x15"

pine tree, treebark, branches

Pine Tee

Framed Watercolor  11x14"

rope, texture, colors, coastal scence
barn, swallows, birds, nature, barn

Colorful Rope

Framed Watercolor  11x14"

Colorful Rope

Framed Watercolor  11x14"

Five Sticks

Framed Watercolor  11x14"

Five Sticks

Framed Watercolor  11x14"


Framed Watercolor 9x12""

trees, tree trunks, winter, snow, bark, nature
rocks, pond, shoreline, water, fish, nature

Winter Tree Trunks

Framed Watercolor  15x18"


Framed Watercolor  11x14"

beets, garden, vegetable


Framed Watercolor  11x14"

stormy sky, mountains, cairn, rocks, Norway

Norwegian Sky

Framed Watercolor  10x18"  (SOLD)

Sandy Neck, dunes, dune vegetation


Framed Watercolor  11 x 14"

Sandy Neck in April

Framed Watercolor 10x20"